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Microdosing offers numerous health benefits, as reported by microdosers, to improve mental health, enhance creativity, jumpstart productivity, and increase overall joy and wellbeing. 

If you’re ready to microdose, our physician-supervised, 8-week concierge program, takes you on a self-improvement journey, includes 10 hours of customized educational material, a customized microdosing plan, 3 one-on-one sessions with your personal coach, daily mood tracking, a microdosing journal, adaptogenic supplements, and a whole lot more.

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Join our expert-led microdosing program to enhance your wellbeing and improve your mental health.

Your Personal Microdosing Concierge

Drive your health outcomes by joining our research-backed and physician-supervised, 8-week program. With Retreat, you’ll learn to microdose safely and effectively, all while receiving personalized support. 

  • Personalized microdosing plan

  • 20 hours of educational programming

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Meditation and breathwork exercises

  • Daily Mood Tracking 

  • Retreat Microdosing Journal

  • Private online community

  • 100% confidential

  • Medicine not included

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Retreat Microdose is for you if:

  • You’re burnt out, stressed and tired

  • You’re looking to reduce anxiety

  • You’re seeking greater clarity & purpose

  • You’re looking to enhance creativity

  • You want more joy in your day-to-day

  • You’re an optimizer looking to enhance performance

  • You’re all about that flow state

  • You simply want more daily joy

What you'll receive from this course

We’ve developed a custom online program, led by leading physicians and backed by the latest scientific research to unlock your full potential with microdosing 🍄🚀

Increased Focus
Studies show psilocybin can enhance cognitive function and increase mental clarity as a result of improved Neural Growth Factor in the brain.
Improved Mood
Studies show microdosers report reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and stress compared to control groups.
Enhanced Creativity
Studies show microdosers exhibit greater creativity and enhanced problem-solving driven by increases in divergent thinking.

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five stars"Microdosing improved my mood, decreased my anxiety. The way I flow through my days has changed for the better."

five stars"Unblocked my creativity & productivity. I've never felt more effective or more in-tune with others"

five stars"Improved my creativity & productivity noticeably, with lasting effects" 

five stars"I now have a deeper sense of fulfillment. and greater clarity of purpose" 


Who we are

Cori Sue Moris
Founder and CEO

Cori Sue is the founder & CEO of Retreat. She’s a 3X entrepreneur, having started, scaled, and sold a media company, Bitches Who Brunch, and a marketing agency, Citrus Media. She is committed to helping others achieve their full potentials, supporting strong women, microdosing for health, and helping others. Cori holds an M.A. in International Relations from the George Washington University and a B.A. in journalism from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently studying to become a licensed psychedelic facilitator with the Synthesis Institute.

Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is a psychedelic integration specialist living in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. From her home where the jungle meets the ocean, Rima has a virtual practice and hosts the “The Rima the Jungle Girl Podcast.” When Rima is not fulfilling her dreams through her work and service, she is probably surfing, playing guitar, singing, or laughing about something.

Dr Jeff Carter

Dr. Jeff Carter is a surgeon with a degree in Integrative Medicine. He has completed Continuing Medical Education in Psychedelic Medicine. As a doctor his commitment is to helping others through safe holistic approaches that empower people to create the lives they want to live while feeling their best.